Considering the ongoing COVID-19 situation all around the world and Latvia, also this year (2022) summer school will be held online.

Foreign students, researchers and teaching staff can apply for the Latvian state (the State Education Development Agency) scholarship.

Application deadline for Latvian state scholarship is 1 April 2022.

Latvian state scholarship

The Latvian state scholarship is administered by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA in Latvian). The Latvian state scholarship prioritises students and researchers and teaching staff from the countries with which Latvia has concluded international agreements. The list of the countries is available at VIAA in Latvian website.

In 2022/2023 academic year the amount of Summer school scholarship is EUR 711 per summer school participant. The scholarship is not issued to a scholarship recipient. VIAA in Latvian transfers the granted scholarships to the organizer of the summer school.

The application for Latvian state scholarship should be submitted to the organizer of the Summer School – Pre-Studies Training Centre of the University of Latvia.