From 13 to 22 July 2015, University of Latvia (UL) in cooperation with the Latvian Language Agency held a Summer School of Latvian Language and Culture 2015 for students from foreign universities to improve their Latvian language skills.

On 13 July 2015, the ceremony of Summer School opening was held. It was attended by the University of Latvia pro-rector for science prof. Indriķis Muižnieks, the Latvian Language Agency director prof. Jānis Valdmanis, UL Pre-Studies Training Centre director Sarmīte Miltiņa, representative of the UL Language Centre Laimdota Ločmele, Latvian language lecturers Inta Līsmane and Sandra Godiņa, as well as the participants of the summer school.

The summer school is organized for foreigners with prior knowledge of Latvian (A1). In 2015, the Summer School was attended by students from the Inalco Institute in Paris (France), Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald (Germany), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), University of Helsinki (Finland), the Beijing Foreign Languages ​​University (the People's Republic of China).

For 10 days students attended intensive Latvian language courses and lectures on Latvian history, art and folklore, visited Riga History and Navigation Museum, the Museum of Art Nouveau and went on an offsite seminar to Ventspils. At the end of the Summer school programme the participants completed Latvian language proficiency test and received certificates.

The aim of the Summer School is to improve and strengthen the Latvian language skills and understanding of Latvian history, culture and folklore, to provide foreign students who study Latvian in their home universities and foreign students who study in Latvian universities with the opportunity to feel the diversity of Latvia.