Summer School of Latvian Language un Culture 2024 programme*

In 2024 the summer school is planned to be held live in Riga.

Day 1

  • registration;
  • Latvian language class;
  • welcome meeting

 Day 2

  • Latvian language class;
  • lecture on Latvian history and politics (in English and Latvian)

Day 3

  • Latvian language class;
  • lecture on Latvian folklore (in English and Latvian)

Day 4

  • activities/free time (e.g. trip to the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia)

Day 5

  • Latvian language class;
  • an excursion in Cēsis (in English and Latvian)

Day 6

  • excursion to the National Library (in English and Latvian);
  • lecture on Latvian culture and arts (in English and Latvian)

Day 7

  • Latvian language class;
  • excursion to the Museum of the History of Riga or Navigation/Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (in English and Latvian)

Day 8

  • Latvian language class;
  • an excusrion in Kuldīga (in English and Latvian)

Day 9

  • Latvian language class;
  • movie evening

Day 10

  • Latvian language class;
  • excursion around Riga and its suburbs (in English and Latvian)

Day 11

  • activities/free time (e.g. trip to Mežaparks, Rīgas Zoo)

Day 12

  • Latvian language class

Day 13

  • Latvian language class (assessment test)

Day 14

  • closing event . Certificates.

*The program may be slightly changed.