For Latvian diaspora

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 situation all around the world and Latvia, also this year (2022) summer school will be held online.

Summer school of Latvian Language and Culture for diaspora youth (aged 17–35) with no or little to good prior knowledge of Latvian.

It is the fifth time the University of Latvia with the Latvian Language Agency and the Ministry of Education and Science organizes summer school for diaspora youth. The summer school is funded by the budget programme State Language Policy and Administration administered by the Ministry of Education and Science.

We offer:

  • intensive, modern and interactive Latvian language course (grammar, reading, writing, speaking, 64 academic hours), which includes such topics as human personality, experience, knowledge and skills, friendly contacts and time spent in Latvia, versatile and unique Riga, city tour and orientation, daily life and holidays in Latvia, Latvian traditional and modern culture, current events in Latvian media, Latvia’s and Latvians’ success stories in the world.

           After successful completion of the course attendees get 4 credits (6 ECTS).

For additional fee we offer:  

  • lecture on Latvian history and politics, getting acquainted with modern Latvian history and political situation in Latvia;
  • lecture on Latvian culture and art, getting acquainted with its historical development and key figures (literature, cinema, music), especially, in the visual arts and architecture;
  • lecture on Latvian folklore: customs and traditions, getting acquainted with one of the most interesting forms of folklore – Latvian folk songs or dainas, by trying to sing them together and dance together;
  • guided tour of Riga, visiting several museums (e.g. the Kr. Barons Museum, Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation or Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, Rainis and Aspazija House-Museum in Riga, Latvian National Museum of Art, Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum).

          This year two day trip we are replacing online by lectures about art and culture.

  • a two-day trip to port city Ventspils, sightseeing (e.g., Ventspils Crafts House);
  • guided tour to Kuldiga (Venta rapid, old city).