From July 14 to July 27, the University of Latvia hosts the Latvian language and culture summer school for diaspora youth with more than 40 participants from all over the world.
The summer school is attended by participants from Brazil, Russia, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, Italy and the United States between the ages of 17 and 35. Participants' knowledge of Latvian is at different levels, without prior knowledge of Latvian to very good knowledge at B1 level. For two weeks, Latvian language enthusiasts will attend courses, various classes and also virtual excursions.
Inga Laizāne, Doctor of Philology, and Kristīne Ante, Doctor of History, and Arvils Šalme, Associate Professor of Philology, teach Latvian in the summer school. Associate Professor Ivars Ijabs will deliver a lecture on Latvian history and politics; Anita Smeltere – on art and culture; Anita Smeltere, the curator of the Latvian Culture Canon of the National Library of Latvia,- on art and culture; Ilga Vālodze Ābele – on folklore and Latvian traditions; Paula Stutiņa – on art.
Participants will also take online tours of the Krišjānis Barons Memorial Museum, take a virtual tour of the streets of Riga, visit the Rainis and Aspazijas house in Riga, the Occupation Museum and the National Museum of Art.
Diaspora Summer School is organized in cooperation with the Latvian Language Agency and the Ministry of Education and Science from the state budget program "State Language Policy and Administration".
The article was published on the UL website:

Latviešu valodas un kultūras vasaras skola attālināti pulcē diasporas jauniešus

An interview with diapsora participants LSM (Latvian Public Broadcasting):

Diasporas jaunieši LU skolā attālināti apgūst latviešu valodu un kultūru

Feedback from the participants of the Diaspora Summer School and a wish for the following participants:


My name is Mike Kilkuts and I am a Latvian-American from the United States.  I would absolutely recommend this class to any Latvian diaspora who has an interest in their Latvian heritage.  The lectures were informative and the professors were very kind and helpful.  And despite the challenges of online learning this year, the professors did a fantastic job.  I learned a lot and made new friends from all around the world.  My only wish is to take another class next summer, but this time in Latvia!

I also had a question, will there be another way I can continue to take Latvian classes this fall semester?  My goal is study at UL this spring and I would like to learn as much as possible before visiting.  

Liels paldies,


I hope you are doing well. First, I wanted to thank your for putting together the summer program at UL. It was such a wonderful program and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate. You did a great job coordinating everything - thank you!

I also wanted to let you know what a great job Inga did in teaching. I’ve taken years of second language courses (French in high school and college) and Inga is one of the best teachers I’ve had! Truly, she is an exceptional educator.

Liels paldies par visu


From the moment I heard I could be a part of this Summer School, I was amazed! It felt so great that I could meet people that share the same heritage as I... Not only that, I would learn latvian language and also get to know more about Latvia's culture. If you feel connected to Latvia and want to meet mind-liked people that have this passion too, you should definitely  sign up for Summer School! Also, I believe that the experience of actually being in Riga must be amazing! If we felt so united far away from each other, how wonderful would be meeting all these people in person and exploring Latvia! Enjoy this opportunity, it will be wonderful!

I just want to thank all the staff of Summer School (organization/speakers/teachers) for this wonderful experience! You made it amazing for us to learn more about our culture and I'm sure everyone is also deeply grateful!

Es esmu Brenda Berzin, no Brasilijas!